Deductive Essay

A deductive essay is based on the process of deduction. The deduction is referred to a system of logical reasoning and drawing or coming up to a conclusion. It is an important factor to evaluate the knowledge of students. Deductive essays are based on deductive reasoning.

It is based on the concept of drawing a reasonable assumption or influence about a situation on the given set of circumstances or clues. It is more likely to solve a puzzle or identify solutions on given information.

Specifically, deductive reasoning is a complete process that involves taking on individual factors, weighing them against the current knowledge, and adding them up to come to a conclusion starts with a premise and ends at a conclusion. Usually, deductive reasoning has three parts: Premise, evidence, and conclusion.

A premise is the basic or first part of deductive reasoning as it is a factored belief that lays the foundation or basis for drawing conclusions. Next comes evidence which is referred to as information a writer has before him/her for analyzing the fact or beliefs stated in the premise. Lastly, comes the conclusion which is the final analysis of fact or belief. More specifically a conclusion is based on balancing the premise with evidence.

A good deductive essay is clear and focused on fact or belief. It is comprised of several paragraphs in which each paragraph is focused on a particular aspect or point. Use detailed information and examples to lead to a specific conclusion. The support for one’s conclusion is the most important factor as without supporting one’s point or supportive arguments, the conclusion is weak.

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