What Are Transition Words? Transition words are words or phrases that connect ideas and sentences in a written or spoken text. They help to create coherence and flow in a piece of writing, making it easier for the reader to understand the relationships between different ideas.

What Are Transition Words?

Transition words can be used to:

  • Show time: e.g. first, next, then, later, finally
  • Add information: e.g. furthermore, moreover, in addition, additionally
  • Show contrast: e.g. however, on the other hand, nevertheless, nonetheless
  • Show similarity: e.g. similarly, likewise, in the same way
  • Provide examples: e.g. for instance, for example, as
  • Emphasize a point: e.g. in fact, indeed, certainly, clearly
  • Summarize: e.g. in conclusion, overall, to summarize, in brief

By using transition words, writers can create a more logical and organized piece of writing that is easier to follow. They can also help to make the writing more persuasive, by making the argument more clear and more convincing.

It is important to use transition words appropriately, as using them too frequently or inappropriately can make the writing sound stilted or contrived. Good writers use transition words to make their writing more clear and compelling, without drawing attention to the transitions themselves.

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