Plagiarism has indeed made things more difficult for everyone. Some students are blamed for plagiarism when they have not committed it due to lack of awareness.

Sometimes teachers are literally confused on how to get rid of this really serious problem that is only contributing to deteriorate learning skills of students. It is indeed very frustrating for the teachers when they suspect plagiarism and still do not have the means to prove their suspicion. The internet is a vast information highway and in the modern academic world most of the research is conducted on the internet. Therefore, with so many options available on the internet it is hard to tell whether an essay is plagiarised or not. The purpose of this article is to provide some valuable tips to check essays for suspected plagiarism. Below are some useful tips for you to consider.

Check the Writing Pattern

Every student has different approach towards writing essays. Therefore, you should study the pattern of writing. If there are unique differences in the writing pattern of a particular student or the student has done remarkably well when he/she is not known for doing well than there is chance that an essay is plagiarised.

Use Search Engine

If you suspect a particular piece of essay for plagiarism try to copy paste its text into the search field of a search engine. Google is the most common search engine these days therefore, it can provide you guidance whether an essay is plagiarised or not. Just copy paste the text into the search field of google and search it. If the essay is plagiarised from somewhere on the internet its exact website and location will be displayed and you can than tally it word by word and sentence by sentence. If it is not plagiarised than the google will display a message ‘results not found’ and that means the essay is not plagiarised.

This is one of easiest and common techniques to locate essays for possible plagiarism. It may be a bit tiring but at the end you will be satisfied that whether your students are writing essays on their own or they are using dishonest tactics.

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