Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in your Essays

These days plagiarism seems like a contagious disease that is spreading like a plague. At times students do not even intend to plagiarize but surprisingly once they get their essay writing results they discover that one or two pieces in their essays are plagiarized. They wonder what really happened and how to tackle such situations where they find it extremely difficult to convince their instructors. There are two types of plagiarism. One is where a student deliberately steals someone else’s ideas from the internet and presents them as his/her own. On the other hand, a student writes his/her own essay but eventually is accused of plagiarism. The purpose of this article is to provide some useful guidance as to how to avoid unintentional plagiarism and write essays with more confidence. Below are some useful tips that you can always follow for better results.

Always Cite your Work

One of the reasons that you get caught for unintentional plagiarism in your essays is that you might not incorporate appropriate citations giving due credit to the original author when using his/her ideas in your essay. Make sure that you are well educated about using different citation styles and when you intend to use someone else’s ideas in your essay you give due credit to the original author. In order to do that you must be well aware of appropriately formatting your essay according to the specified writing format by your instructor. Even if you just write something in your own words using someone’s ideas you must mention his/her name accordingly. Failing to do so can be termed plagiarism and can have serious repercussions as per the rules of the institution you are studying in.

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