Types of Conflict in Literature

Conflict is an essential element of storytelling and literature. It is the driving force behind a story’s plot and provides tension and drama that keeps readers engaged. In literature, conflict refers to a struggle between two opposing forces. It can be between the protagonist and the antagonist, between characters, or between an individual and society. There are different types of conflict in literature, each with its own characteristics and impact on the story. Understanding the different types of conflict in literature can help readers gain a deeper understanding of a story’s plot and themes. In this essay, we will explore the different types of conflict in literature and their significance in storytelling.

Literature is a complex subject particularly when you talk about relationships. When you talk about relationships between characters, you would figure out that a variety of conflicts exist in these relationships. To understand the terminologies and literal mechanics used by the author, you need to be sure that you have a clear idea of these conflicts in literature. These conflicts of literature cover key roles like man, nature, and supernatural existences.

Literature Conflicts

One of the literature conflicts is called man vs self. This kind of conflict involves only one character. The conflict is created when the character has particular feelings or emotions inside him regarding another character. Another literature conflict that you need to understand is the man vs man conflict. In this case, two characters that are a part of the story plot would have conflicting thoughts about each other.

These literature conflicts may be present due to any condition. For instance, both characters may have a feeling of hatred for each other. These types of conflicts may be used to create comic relief. Man vs society is a conflict that a lot of authors have talked about. Authors do portray the hardships that people face due to society. In addition to that, these authors also reflect the negative feelings that these characters develop due to this conflict.

Types of Conflicts in Literature

If you look at the common types of conflicts in literature, you will discover that the man vs supernatural is the most common use. This conflict identifies the feelings that man has when he faces supernatural existences like witches, ghosts, and immortal existences.

This is one of the types of conflicts in the literature that needs to be elaborated on very well. To show the man vs supernatural conflict, a strong story plot needs to be present. Along with that, it is always better to elaborate on a core strategy that man uses when he is fighting supernatural powers.

A lot of authors do not elaborate on this in a clear manner. In addition to that, they provide abrupt ends to this conflict. Do all authors portray all the types of conflicts in literature in a clear manner? The answer to this question is no. You will figure out that some authors only write on a particular category of disciplines.

This is because they are only experts at writing on a particular type of conflict. Do these conflicts help people and readers in real life? The answer to this question is yes. Reading stories covering these conflicts would surely help you in combating real-life problems. For instance, the man vs man conflict is a common problem that two people face when they interact with each other on regular basis.

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