Writing a Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is the hardest stage of dissertation writing. The whole of the dissertation is further dependent on this basic document. The dissertation proposal includes the following elements:

• Introduction

• Problem Statement

• Background

• Purpose

• Significance

• Methodology

Literature Review

• Hypotheses

• Definition of Terms

• Assumptions

• Scope and Limitations

• Procedure

A dissertation proposal is like a flow chart for a dissertation that how a dissertation should be conducted, written, and published. What steps will be carried? How they will be carried out? How they will end? And most importantly how much they are beneficial for mankind? It’s a process that must be carried out with a lot of care and attention.

The basic purpose of narrating all this is to make aware students of the fact that how should a good dissertation proposal be carried out in order to produce a good contribution to the field of research. Research is basically a fact-finding exercise that should not be carried out in a vague or ambiguous manner because ultimately this whole exercise will be added to serve mankind.

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