As it is a requirement that cannot be taken lightly, the following are the main recommendations to develop each trial:

1. Be clear why you want to study that specific MBA:  you should know what exactly the program offers to argue. The idea is not to make the classic mistake of naming aspects that the curriculum does not address. “It shows that you have taken the time to know the MBA by writing specifically why you are applying to this school. In addition, write each essay individually instead of sending the essay to all the schools you apply for.

2. Analyze the questions accurately:  before writing, allocate enough time to think about each answer. It is important to have absolutely clear what is being asked, in this way we will know what structure to give to the essay.

3. Write a summary and a first draft of what is going to be said:  Brainstorming is a necessary step, because it allows drawing general lines and ideas of what you want to express. It facilitates things by not having the limitations of the following steps.

4. Organize the information:  take the information emerged via brainstorming and order it is essential. Structuring ideas anyone who is not able to express correctly in writing what they think about certain topics, or about their personal perspectives and aspirations, can hardly be accepted.

5. Value your achievements and non-traditional skills:  emphasizing, where relevant, your lesser-known qualities and skills is well valued.  

6. Limit to the requested length:  be specific, without spelling errors and consistent across all questions. One of the most common mistakes is to exceed the extension limits. This fact, although it does not seem to have a greater relevance, generates a highly counterproductive effect because it is a difficulty to prioritize and classify information.

7. Be genuine and personal in what you write:  Authenticity is an aspect highly valued by examiners. Do not write what you think you want to hear, but what you really think or feel. Your future experiences and desires, both in the personal and work environment. Take into consideration that the qualifiers are people with a lot of experience, therefore they will know immediately who is genuine and who only wants to be complacent. That is why it is best to be direct and express yourself naturally in terms of your own qualities and weaknesses to improve. However, you should avoid overestimating your own skills and abilities.

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