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With the boom of information technology and rapid technological advancements, more and more people have diverted to this area of expertise as their academic and career selection. In the last two decades, more and more women have been seen joining some of the prominent career lines like engineering, law etc. IT also saw such an inundation of women but the trend seems to have been changing now. Women concentration in the IT industry has dropped from almost 40 percent to 20 percent in recent time (Hill, 2005). The reasons behind this are diverse and in this article we shall try to highlight some of them.

Most of the women are usually not very strictly career oriented. Career does have a significant place in their lives but it is certainly not of more priority than their family, kids and home. IT on the other hand is a very demanding and barely compromising career. It is a career that demands continuous innovation and hence a lot of time. Therefore it becomes difficult for women to impart the level of commitment to this career and they part ways with it eventually.  Another important factor to note is that Information Technology is such a rapidly changing entity that unless one stays updated about it on a regular basis, he or she can’t contribute to it and this also becomes the reason of women not returning back to their careers once they have left it.

IT is essentially a male dominated industry and women leave this career because of a feeling of being a significant minority. There is also a severe lack of female mentors as 90% of the positions at senior levels are given to males. There are much fewer female CEOs and managers than there are males.  This creates a psychological feeling among women of being less able than their male counterparts and dampens their confidence.

Thus it is the responsibility of both the organizations and females to work towards this issue. Females should believe in themselves and should find a balanced way which enables them to cater to their families’ needs as well as focus on their careers. Organizations should address the concerns of females and give them adequate opportunities to prove their mettle.

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