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Using guns and ammunition is not that common in our society but due to increasing number of assaults, robberies, rapes and etc people are using guns for their security. That is the reason why government has allowed the use of guns and the regulations of the sale and the use of guns is usually termed as gun control. Guns and their ammunition usually have negative connotation that is the reason why they must be registered and that is the reason why various laws have been evolved to register the guns that are used by the general public. In this paper we will discuss the fact that gun control is necessary and individuals should register their arms so that the government is aware of the fact that how many people have arms and their ammunition.

The assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and etc in the year 1960 develop issues related to gun control and the element of guns and arms become a subject of passion and controversy (Roleff, 2007).  Different people have different opinions about the issue of gun control and many individuals consider it as a criminal issue however different people consider as a right issue. Responsible citizens can manage this issue but if it is not managed properly then it can create numerous problems for than individual and for the society

Different laws regarding to arms and ammunition has been initiated by the government since 1934 and these laws and regulations are for the firearms and their ammunition. The biggest advantage of gun control is that it curbs the access of arms by criminals, juveniles and other high risk individuals. Individuals believe that federal measures are the most important element of reducing the availability of guns and it can easily stop crimes. Similarly, the registration of guns and the registrations of arm dealers can reduce the element of violence in our society (Roleff, 2007). This won’t incur any social costs and no constitutional barriers are present.

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