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If a ‘strong mind’ is one that can resist evil desires and temptations and prevent the person from doing something unethical due to greed, lust and such negative emotions as anger and fear and prevent a person from falling into narcissism and sociopathic behaviour, then ‘strengthening the mind’ would mean teaching the students to have, empathy and compassion, to be calm and collected before making a decision, to think before they speak, to respect other people and to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

Yet another interpretation of strengthening the mind is to exercise the brain with mentally stimulating and interesting exercises and activities. Solving Rubik cubes, crossword puzzles or Sudoku or playing scrabble or chess are just some of the mentally tasking activities that are considered to have long-term benefits for the health and vitality of the brain (Fernandez & Goldberg, 2009).

A strong minded person is also someone who shows courage, determination and a will to succeed despite all adversities. A teacher that wishes to have their students grow into strong-minded adults must try to foster these qualities in their students. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Helen Keller and Nelson Mandela are some of the universally recognized symbols of courage, determination and perseverance despite the odds, their stories and the stories of other people like them can be used to inspire students with the courage and will to face their problems in life.

This interpretation of the ‘mind as muscle’ metaphor is likely to accord better with Holts views. Holt sees an educator’s primary duty to be to facilitate self-realization in students, he advocates a ‘slow school’ movement in which, instead of just teaching children to perform well in standardized tests, they would have time to reflect upon and engage in conversation and conduct dialogues and argument upon the ideas and the facts that they are taught (Holt, 2003).

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