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After the explorations made by John Cabot, Gasper Corte was the next person who is perceived to have fished in Newfoundland and Labrador[1]. In the 1500s, people from different regions came to Newfoundland to explore the opportunities that the steadily blooming fishing industry was offering. The French started fishing in the region by 1504 and the French fishermen fished not only in Newfoundland but also in the Grand banks. They had developed their fishing abilities significantly through their extensive experience in the salt range. The fish that they sought were primarily ones that could be used for daily uses in domestic scenarios and did not have to be preserved for long periods at a time.

Fish such as these were not at all beneficial for transportation across distant areas in terms of the perspective of trade. By 1506 Portuguese entered Newfoundland and they established their own fishery in Terra Nova[2]. Later on Basques from France and Spain began to arrive in Newfoundland and became heavily involved in fishery that was dependent on the Atlantic fisheries.

By this time, the Europeans had acquired a significant amount of geographical knowledge regarding the area around the Newfoundland and it is perhaps because of the same reason that when the Europeans arrived at the shore, they came with the beginning of the process of the development of the native culture. This was a period that is perceived to have marked the origin of the world fisheries industry alongside the period of development of native culture. The period is specifically perceived as a period that saw a significant degree of development because of the arrival of different people and the changes that their arrival caused[3]. Archeological records indicate that there may have been two Inuit people. Moreover there may have been occasional encounters between Europeans and Labrador Inuit. By the 1620s, the relations between the Europeans and the Inuit become more hostile. This introduced vibrant changes in the culture of native people in the Labrador.


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