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A look at the purported words of Jesus in the books of the New Testament makes it clear that Jesus considered poverty a virtue and cherished the poor. He chose a life of poverty for himself and ordered his followers to do the same. The words of Jesus and those close to him, depict the rich as wicked and arrogant people who shall have no part in the blessings of Heaven, while the poor are depicted as the blessed ones of God, the ones God has chosen to receive his spiritual blessings in this life and both spiritual and material blessings in the afterlife. Jesus taught poor people to be satisfied with what they had and to be grateful to God for what He gave them. He taught that the desire for wealth lead to spiritual destitution and condemned those that hoarded up wealth (Gundry, 2003). He commanded his followers to give up their reliance on material possessions and wealth and to trust completely upon God Himself to provide them what they need, when they need it.

The Poverty of Jesus’ Family and their Attitude Regarding their Poverty

Jesus was born to a poor family. Despite their destitution, Jesus’ family was content at their lot in life and considered their poverty to be a blessed state. The Gospel of Luke depicts a pregnant Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth, who is carrying John the Baptist. Mary says a song of praise for God, called the ‘Song of Mary’ or the Magnificat. The Magnificat proclaims the greatness of God, who destroys those who are arrogant rich and exalts those who are humble. God sends his spiritual blessings upon the poor while the rich are deprived of it (Luke 1:46-55 New International Version).

Jesus’ Teachings in the Bible Regarding Poverty

Jesus enjoined his disciples to live a life of austerity, absistence and self-discipline. In Jesus’ view, asceticism was a praiseworthy way of life and living a life of luxury and wearing soft and expensive clothes was a blameworthy manner of living. Jesus praised the asceticism of John the Baptist; he addressed a crowd of people saying:

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