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The study summarized that the proposed framework of emotions, associations, expectations and values is useful in describing attitudes and their attitude change regarding mathematics. It stated that attitude towards mathematics is possible even in a relative short time and negative attitude towards the subject can be successful defense strategy of a positive self-concept. (Hannula, 2002)

However, the above study didn’t include students with learning disabilities. Research was conducted by Butler, Miller, Lee and Pierce (2001) to address this matter. It analyzes and identifies mathematics interventions for students with mild-to-moderate mental retardation.

It was found out that the focus of instruction in special education in math classes changed from basic skills instruction to computation and problem-solving instruction. Techniques that were applied are constant-time delay, peer tutoring, time trials, and direct instruction. Results show that the said techniques are beneficial and students with mental retardation learned to employ cognitive strategies successfully when the techniques were included. (Butler et al, 2001)

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