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In today’s world media is considered to be an integral part of our lives. For years it’s treated as a vital source of communication between individuals and societies. People almost every day are influenced by this element and we are so engrossed in it that almost everyone in one way or another will watch, read or hear at least one form of media.

Media is saturated at its extreme and mediums like newspapers, television, magazines, internet, and radio are influencing our day to day affairs of life. Media enjoys autonomy on individuals and on societies and it can easily change or influence an individual’s school of thought. Media can easily turn the tables and dilute facts according to its will and many people consider it as a power of media.

It has been observed through number of instances that issues that are largely visible in the society and are treated as hyped situation usually take the centre stage of media and attention when they are portrayed through mediums like television, magazines, and newspapers. For example The September 11 attacks of United States of America were the center of concern for the entire world and media portrayed the facts attached to this incident efficiently and effectively when they created a hype for “War against Terrorism” and individuals from all over the world get an idea that terrorism is an international issue and all the ethnicities must fight for this cause. Media disclosed that terrorists were from 20 different ethnicities and nationalities and this conspiracy ended up into a conclusion that terrorism is not only the issue of USA but the entire world should be aware that terrorists are threatening the entire world.

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