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The Declaration of Independence, as it was originally conceived, was an attempt to justify rich White men’s privilege to do what they want to the land and the ordinary people of America, in the multicultural gender-egalitarian America of today, this sort of world-view is increasingly becoming outdated.

It is interesting that one of the grievances of the Colonialists against the British government is that they quartered troops among them and if those troops committed any crimes, mock trials would be held to absolve them of any crime (Jefferson). This recalls the recent acquittal of Blackwater mercenaries for their massacre of Iraqi civilians. Would the founding fathers have disapproved of this acquittal? It’s hard to say, it is quite possible they would not have minded it given their apathy to the rights of non-White people.

The Declaration of Independence was a product of its times and reflects issues current in the minds of its authors. Americans tend to deify their founding fathers and treat their writings as holy relics. They are portrayed as a group of freedom and liberty loving idealists instead of the shrewd businessmen they were. Many campaigners for positive change in the country have utilized the words of the Declaration of Independence, for their purposes, for example, abolitionists and civil rights workers, this does not mean the author of the declaration would actually have agreed with these changes.

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