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Child abuse is one of the most awful forms of violence because it stunts the child’s ability of growth. Personality is developed in the first five years of a child’s life and anything that happens during that stage is crucial. If a child is betrayed at a young age he or she might grow up with trust issues.

If a child is smothered with excessive love he or she might grow up to be spoiled. A child has to be raised in a moderate fashion to ensure emotional stability in the future. Child sexual abuse is the most discussed form of child abuse because of the media coverage. “Fears, post-traumatic stress disorder, behavior problems, sexualized behaviors and poor self-esteem occur most frequently among a long list of symptoms noted, but no one symptom characterizes a majority of sexually abused children. Some symptoms are specific to certain ages, and approximately one-third of victims have no symptoms. Penetration, duration and frequency of the abuse, force, relationship of the perpetrator to the child, and maternal support affect the degree of symptomatology. About two-thirds of the victimized children show recovery during the first 12 to 18 months” (Kendall-Tackett) Child sexual abuse is one of the most traumatizing experienced a child can go through but studies have revealed that recovery depends on the age group of the child.

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