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The greatest challenge to international business today is how to manage business operations across cultural boundaries. This is especially true in the case of China, which has attracted a massive amount of foreign investment and international trade recently. From being a poor country in the 1970’s, china developed in the mid 1990’s and now China is the economical superpowers of the world. Many multinational corporations encountered difficulties when doing business in China. Distinct cultural values, legal practices and social norms have been examined as potential reasons for these difficulties.

China has become a popular host country for multinational corporations since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001. However, there is a general lack of understanding of the Chinese culture if a new company wants to do business in China there are two sayings that you will hear pretty quickly. Spend two weeks in China and you can write a book, spend two years in China and you’ll be lucky if you can write a postcard and you don’t change China, China changes you (DK publishing, 2007).Both of these oft-repeated gems present problems for those dealing with ethical and social responsibility issues. Cross-cultural communication looks at how companies from differing cultural backgrounds, endeavor to communicate.

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