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This term paper talks about buying behavior of consumers.

Post purchase behavior:

This is the last step of the consumer buying behavior and most of the times it is ignored by the companies, but experts believe that this is a very important step in developing the CI.  The reason why this is step is very crucial is because that after buying a product the consumer compares it with their own expectations and after comparison either they are satisfied or dissatisfied. This satisfaction or dissatisfaction effects the consumers’ value perception, the consumer communication and word of mouth and the repeat purchase behavior.

Firms should pay special attention in developing a positive post purchase communication with the consumers in order to find customer’s reaction after using that product.

Factors influencing buying behavior:

  1. Demographic factors:

The demographic factors have a huge impact on the assessment of different features which are generally associated with mobile phones. Consumers belonging to a higher social class would prefer a certain type of phone which they would feel would cater their needs. Similarly buying behavior would also be depending on the age group. The younger customer would prefer features like gaming, downloading, music download etc (Wilska 2003).

  1. Technological advancement:

Another important aspect which has been derived is that consumers purchase new phones when they have a feeling that their old ones are not meeting the desired criteria like for instance high resolution cameras, increased memory, GPRS, color display, radio, and other features. All these factors to some extent have an influence on the consumers’ decision to acquire new model mobile phones (Jones 2002).

  1. Technical improvement:

Size of the phone is also a factor which influences consumer buying behavior. While choosing between different mobile phones consumers value phones with larger screen size but the overall size of the phone should be small and it should be light in weight so that carrying in pocket dose not becomes an issue (Karjaluoto 2005).

  1. Pricing:

This is also observed specially among the lower income group that consumers that have a low income are price sensitive means that they have a limit which restrict their choice to fewer mobiles (Svento 2005).

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