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Nonverbal communication is sometimes over looked because people focus too much on what they need to say and forget the power of expressing emotions other than words. Being aware of one’s own body language and using it effectively can have many benefits. Like the earlier example of a formal event, to promote himself, a punk rock artist might wear jeans or something very different from the usual formal attire to gain publicity and word of mouth. Body language, especially physical appearance can be used as a means of marketing. Endorsers of certain brands might be told to wear t shirts and smile every time they come in contact with a possible customer. The best example of an organization motivating its employees to use body language effectively is McDonalds. The company understands that communication cannot be done simply through words, not at least if you want to make a lasting impression. With their slogan ‘put a smile on’ every employee sends a positive message about their company and the way they do business.

When it comes to conveying sincerity, body language is very important. Often, people laugh along with others and day positive things just because they want to be nice. In other words, they are ‘faking it’. Body language can show if the person sincerely means what they are saying. When a person laughing genuinely the skin around their eyes wrinkles and curls up or down depending on the structure of the eye along with movement of the skin around the lips. If someone is observed while they are laughing if there is no expression in their eyes or the corners pointing in an upward direction it can be said that they person was faking it.

Nowadays in Hollywood everyone wants to dress as good as they movies that re worthy of winning an Oscar. Body language can benefit a person vastly if they are aware of all the aspects and use it appropriately to enhance brand image. Kotler and Keller define brand image as “the perceptions and beliefs held by consumers, as reflected in the association held in consumer memory.” (286) In the twenty first century to be able to sell the product is not enough. It must be marketed and other aspects of the product might be highlighted. If our product is a Hollywood actor and us the marketers, we would have to build a very string brand image.

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