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“Battered child syndrome refers to injuries sustained by a child as a result of physical abuse, usually inflicted by an adult caregiver. Alternative terms include: shaken baby; shaken baby syndrome; child abuse; and non-accidental trauma (NAT).” (Battered child syndrome) Children are abused all over the world but it mostly happens in family with low incomes. Any sort of physical harm, emotional abuse or neglect is a form of child abuse. Battered child syndrome usually ends up in a physical form of abuse that most likely would need medical attention.

One form of battered child syndrome is the shaken baby syndrome. New born babies often cry incessantly at elevated volumes. Welcoming a new born for the first time into a home can sometimes be a very frustrating change. Parents usually lose their sleep at night and feel overwhelmed by the tiny human beings. One of the biggest rules of parenting a new born child is patience and perseverance. Handling new-born is a very difficult task that can sometimes lead to depression. Parents sometimes feel they are doing something wrong when their child does not stop crying. Crying can cause frustration within the caretaker and cause dissatisfaction with him or her self. The crying can sometimes cause the parent to go over board with his or her frustration and shake the child. (Newman) “When a child is shaken, the head whips back and forth and the brain crashes against the skull. Typically, there are no outward signs of abuse, but the child may have bleeding in the brain or eyes. Shaken-baby syndrome kills 15% to 35% of all victims. Half the survivors often suffer severe brain damage, such as the 10-year-old girl named Winter who was shaken by her father when she was 9 weeks old.” (Newman) Researchers believe that battered child syndrome is not the same as child abuse because it is the result of frustration among parents and most of them don’t realize what a ‘five second shake’ might cause. Programs have been developed to inform parents about the shaken baby syndrome and help them prevent this from happening. The people at the program believe “that the majority of shaken babies are not premeditated but a desperate parent who has run out of gas who needs the kid to be quiet.” (Newman)

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