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As technology continues to catch pace, scientists all over the world are busy discovering more and more ways to completely understand and grab control of the way this universe and its various operations are executed. Some people say the madness beyond all this reflects that man somehow wants to defeat nature and simply wants to be god. The controversial issue of human cloning is often associated to the same. This is one issue which has had extremely diversified opinions from all over the world. Most of the religious scholars out rightly dismiss and condemn it as being unethical and a useless attempt by mankind to contend against nature while a certain percentage of the people support the idea of human cloning as it has given a ray of hope to couples suffering from infertility.

In my opinion human cloning is unnecessary and certainly immoral. Even though it may be benefitting some, the fact of the matter remains that it, at the end of the day is not a natural process and hence its consequences may be severe and pose severe health risks. This process brutally kills the individuality of people which is the biggest achievement of nature, and one that man can never achieve. Countless embryos are destroyed and successful cloning also only points to the creation of identical beings. There lies a huge risk of abnormal babies being born and many are also killed prematurely. Imagine the chaos the world will turn into if attacked by identical beings with no diversity and similar characteristics. All will be at the same high risk of being infected by diseases apart from countless other problems.

To conclude, I would say that we, as humans should realize and understand that competing against nature is somewhat idiotic. We may work hard, research, analyze and in the end may also be able to create something (be it a clone and not an individual new self) but whether we will be able to achieve the smooth and free from hazard results remains debatable. Hence human cloning can become the biggest threat to mankind in the coming future if not controlled at the right time.

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