To achieve success, there are many factors which are needed to be dealt with. Success does not happen overnight. There is constant hard work and sleepless nights needed. However, to claim that talent is not important would not be correct. Talent is the innate ability that a few special people have in them. It is a unique quality that most of the people are deprived of. In a room of ten people, it may not be important that all of them have a specific talent. Only a few are gifted with it. Hard work is significant in jobs where a constant struggle is required. If a person has talent, then it would not be enough to survive in the job market. The competition is increasing and people are killing each other for money.

To ace forward, talent along with hard work would be the perfect mixture for a successful life and career.  But the right proportion is very important. Moreover, hard work is also a kind of talent. Not everyone can be motivated towards their work. Working hard is not an easy task.

Is talent more important than hard work?

A person needs to be dedicated to their work and should be attentive at all times. It is a quality that is appreciated everywhere. Whether it is a school, college or any other academic institution, hard work is always paid off. Hard work is, however, a lengthy process that requires struggle and being fully dedicated to something.

On the other hand, talent is rare. If a person is talented, they need to convert their talent to success otherwise it will be of no use. Talented people usually get away with most things and sometimes they do not even need to work hard as their talent is so unique that it makes them stand out from other people.

The reason why these talented people may fail is that there comes a time when people can get overconfident because of their talent. Most of the people do have the talent to do something or the other. It depends on how this talent is valued by others and how is it used.

What really matters is how a person uses these skills to become successful or whatever they are trying to achieve in life. The ‘important’ aspect can only be assessed by what environment the person is working in and what others value more. Hard work and talent both have their own benefits and are a bonus if a person possesses both these qualities. Nothing can stop him/her from achieving success.

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