Summary of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone – Novel by Stephen King: “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is a short story included in the collection “If It Bleeds” by Stephen King. It was first published in The New Yorker in 2019. The story follows a young boy named Craig who begins to work for an elderly millionaire named Mr. Harrigan. Craig becomes friends with Mr. Harrigan and introduces him to the world of smartphones. When Mr. Harrigan dies, Craig leaves his phone with Mr. Harrigan as a tribute. However, Craig soon realizes that Mr. Harrigan may still be able to communicate with him through his phone.

The story is a classic example of Stephen King’s ability to blend elements of horror and the supernatural with the everyday experiences of his characters. “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is a modern take on the classic ghost story, with technology playing a central role.

One of the themes of the story is the power of technology to connect people even after they have passed away. Craig uses his phone to stay connected to Mr. Harrigan, even after his death. This theme is particularly relevant in today’s world, where people use social media and other digital platforms to stay connected with loved ones.

Another theme is the relationship between the young and the old. Craig and Mr. Harrigan develop an unlikely friendship that is rooted in their shared love of literature. The story highlights the importance of intergenerational relationships and the lessons that can be learned from people with more life experience.

In conclusion, “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is a haunting and thought-provoking story that showcases Stephen King’s unique storytelling abilities. It is a perfect example of how the author can take a simple concept and turn it into a chilling and unforgettable tale. Anyone who enjoys horror, ghost stories, or tales of the supernatural will enjoy this short story.

Overall, “Summary of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone – Novel by Stephen King” is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quick and compelling read.

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