One of the most important elements of writing essays is to create arguments in a tactical manner as to convince the audience. An essay with weak arguments is definitely not likely to be read by the reader and chances are it will be left somewhere in the middle. These things also depend on the type of essay being written. But in many cases arguments are necessary to keep interest for the reader. Everyone has his/her own perspectives on different issues being discussed in the essay. Some readers may agree with your arguments and some may disagree but the point is to engage them into the discussion leading to a fair conclusion. The purpose of this piece of writing is to provide you some useful guidance as to how to incorporate arguments into your essays to make them more engaging and compelling to read. On the other hand the element of preciseness and being able to convey the information in a direct way should also be considered. Below is some valuable information that will help you strengthen your essays.

Use Facts and Examples

In your essays you just cannot go on to say anything that pops into your mind without substance and backing of strong facts and examples. For instance, in the recent past we all have witnessed drastic changes in the climate. The recent earthquakes in Christchurch and in the Pacific region near the coast of north eastern Japan are good examples to forward the discussion. If you have an essay to write whether all these occurring changes due to the phenomena of polar shifting or is it just another natural calamity you can back your arguments using facts to prove your point that is it really polar shifting. You can create strong arguments such as the deviation of the planet Earth from the axis caused by the recent earthquake in Japan. The Earth has deviated four degrees from its axis in this instance and 3 degrees from the earthquake last year in Haiti making it combined seven degrees.

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