There could be no other action as better as performing a good deed for the purpose of serving the humanity. Establishing a framework through which the humanity could be served without any personal benefits to the framework designers and managers is known as establishing a no-profit organization. Providence Health Care and Services is a non-profit organization that is in action since past 150 years. Providence Health Care services are being provided among the globe in particular four regions namely Alaska, Washington, Montana, Oregon and California that makes the network of the Providence health care help the needy people.

Providence Health care and Service have shown tremendous growth in its infrastructure that had been marvelously able to achieve the targets. The target of the Providence Health Care and Services is all about serving the society that is equal as in the eyes of the God. The compassionate services provided by the providence health care and services are the result of their belief that rejects the inequality in a society. I would regard the reason behind the success of Providence Health Care and Services would be the acknowledgment that is given to the abilities and uniqueness of the people in the society. The mission that the members and the team of the organization follow is based upon valuing the people and providing justice with excellence to everyone.

Being an effective part of the providence health care and services helps me in using my expertise for the cause of needy people with compassionate services. I am a person who is highly aware of the advantages of appreciating someone because I like to be appreciated for my talents and well because it motivates me to excel more. By playing an effective role in the betterment of the humanity could be the reason for me to live the life in a meaningful way. Providence Health Care works strongly with compassion and that’s why I am determined to keep serving the mission of the organization. Respecting the values of everyone, being compassionate to the goals of providing equality, working with excellence and sheer determination is the key to become an ample part of the organization. It is the source of experience and learning better things in life.

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