This paper aims to evaluate and critique the chosen article critique written by classmates. In this case I have evaluated the appropriateness, usefulness and thoughts delivered by the critics in the summarized article critiques.

Article #1:

1)      Appropriateness:

The first article “EFF: Apple’s claim that jail-broken iPhones can crash cell towers a ‘hill of beans’” reviewed by Travis serves as a logical and consistent analysis regarding Apple INC claims regarding their product iPhone applications. The keywords have been used correctly along with easy to understand vocabulary.  The selected article also relates to the Property Law as studied in the class.

2)      Usefulness:

The peer reviewed article could be used as a reference by the law students who look forward to work in a professional environment of business. The critique has been done in a more affirmative tone as a defense of the source author.

3)      New thoughts

The critique does not introduce any new thoughts regarding the topic as the article review does not claim anything opposite to source author’s account. The article review could have explained the jail-broken and other concepts claiming significance of the case with example of previous cases in of the company.

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