The article that has been selected for this paper is an article titled ‘Liddy Steps Down as AIG Revamp Reaches New Phase’ by Stephen Bernard which was published in the Toronto Star on May 22, 2009.

The article depicts the news that Edward Libby has resigned from his position as the chairman and the CEO of the AIG Group while the company is striving to survive the recessionary pressures while being backed by the government with a $85 billion worth lifeline. The author highlights the major decisions and plans that need to be made pertaining to the succession of the CEO, the appointment of new management, the decision of AIG spin offs, Sale of assets and those pertaining to the settling of debts to decrease costs while also making the business leaner and more efficient to operate in the current business environments.

The following paper discusses the paper from the aspect of how planning and management play a role in the future of the AIG group in the current times as depicted in the article

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