Research Proposal

Step 1: Working Thesis & Audience Analysis.

This research proposal discusses eating disorders and how media affects teenagers and women.

Eating Disorders are quite common amongst teenagers and women all over the world especially since the rise of the media. The first time I came across the issue of eating disorders was in middle school in my physical education class. We had ceased our physical activities for the class period so a spokesperson for eating disorders could speak to us.

She revealed to us that she once had an eating disorder and battled with it throughout her entire teenage life until she was married and had kids. Eating disorders are present in women of all ages and the media is one of the biggest culprits. This issue is significant for every movie maker, every television series producer, and every reality TV show director who portrays women to only be acceptable if they are stick thin and perfect according to the industry standards. This issue is significant in the fashion industry because each day models starve themselves to fit into size double zero expensive designer gowns that the normal woman can neither fit in nor afford. This issue is significant for everyone who watches these TV shows and looks up to these models and supposed Hollywood goddesses.

Eating disorders are very hard to diagnose because people who are victims of it tend to be quite secretive about it. A person very close to me has had an eating disorder for a long time, at least according to my suspicions and I have never found a way to help her. I have chosen not to confront her about the matter because people usually deny having any sorts of problems relating to eating disorders and I don’t want to overwhelm her by my discovery of her starvation antics without having a proper solution and support system ready to help her recuperate. From time to time I have noticed that she looks up to skinny models in the fashion industry. She is always finding one excuse or the other to skip her meals and puts up an act of being a healthy eater by saying she is a vegetarian and will not harm her body with food items that go under abuse to be served on our plates. It is always easy to tell someone to get help and fix their problems but it is very hard to confront someone we personally know especially when there is no support system surrounding that person.

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