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“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

KFC was quick to realize that the most important aspect of taking a company global was their willingness to adapt their product range and services to the local taste buds. KFC followed this strategy when they realized that the American culture was too distant for the Chinese population to taking an instant liking to. Although the entry of the first American restaurant did arouse great curiosity, it was not enough to lure the local population towards the fast food outlet during local festivals like the spring and mid-autumn festivals.

At such tomes Chinese thronged the local cuisine outlets as tradition dictated. In the summer of 2001, KFC first introduced local items onto their menu and this proved a great success; not only because they tasted good. Chinese people realized that a foreign restaurant was making an effort to adapt to the local culture and as they are a people who revere such gestures, they extended their support to the fast food chain which in turn caused KFC to keep adding local Chinese favorites to their menu (China Daily 2004).

The menu now includes items such as duck wrap with spring onions and hoi sin sauce, as well as bowls of congee (rice gruel) on the breakfast menu (The Hindu Business Line 2006).

Other popular items with typically Chinese origin, taste and name include Beijing Chicken Roll, Traditional Peking Chicken Roll, Golden Butterfly Shrimp, Four Seasons Fresh Vegetable Salads, Fragrant Mushroom Rice, Tomato Egg Drop Soup, Preserved Sichuan Pickle, Sliced Pork Soup, Seafood Egg Drop Congee, and Mushroom Chicken Congee (Young Entrepreneur Foundation 2009). KFC also introduced a unique Happy French Fry Shake that contains beef, orange and Uygur barbecue spices- all popular flavors with the locals (China Daily 2004).

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