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In my view, KFC does not have any standardized procedures for marketing its products internationally. It operates more in a centralized fashion with respect to knowledge flows in research and development in some cases, whereas in other areas it leaves important decisions up to the concerned country management and only provides guidance and facilitates knowledge flows. For instance, if the Chinese franchises decided to introduce a new flavor of soup, they would probably inform the head quarters of their decision but development and taste testing would only make sense in the location in question: China. When a fast food outlet goes global at this level, it is nearly impossible to have a high degree of standardization and yet maintain customer satisfaction.

The key is adapting to the tastes and researching into the trends and fads in the nation. In some countries it is suitable to pack Flintstone characters into Chicky Meals, while in others the cartoon may never have been viewed by the children and hence would hold little or no appeal. Similarly, in countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, white, polished rice cooked with a mixture of strong spices and served with melting cheese, chicken pops and ketchup may form a tempting meal on the menu, while in others it may be considered unhealthy and customers may rather stick with familiar dishes which are closer to their local cuisine. The dishes would also have to be named using dialects and words that are derived from the local language so that customers are comfortable and familiar with the offering at hand. Soups may be a popular menu in the Far East, but in the Sub-Continent, customers often only consume soups in winter or when they fall sick and are forced to eat it; thus the do would not form very positive associations with such items.

Music is another element that plays an important role and cannot be ignored when planning to cater to different audience. For instance, jazz music may be appreciated in the American culture but detested in places which have a slower pace of live and prefer melodious tunes. Chinese and Taiwanese songs have a slow pace as compared to their western counterparts. Furthermore, in Muslim locations, music may not be appreciated when the call to prayer (A’zaan) is being called out. Even within a single outlet, it may be a better idea for the outlet manager to vary his selection of songs during the day depending on what kind of traffic he is experiencing and which crowds he wants to retain for longer.

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