Racial profiling is a form of racism in which it is assumed by law enforcers that people belonging to a particular society or ethnicity are criminals or those who do not respect state laws and do not abide by them. In most of the cases related to racial profiling, most of the people who come under scrutiny are African Americans. People belonging to Mexican origin, Arabs and Asians too become victims of racial profiling at the hands of law enforcers. It is African Americans who pay the heaviest price and are often pulled over on highways by policemen for investigation.It is true that there are African Americans who are involved in heinous crimes but it is wrong to assume that anyone who belongs to that community has to be a criminal.

There are good and bad people in every society and the actions of some bad people should not hold the entire community responsible. There should be proper evidence and scrutiny before blaming a person from a particular ethnicity for criminal behavior and illegal activities.There are white people too who commit heinous crimes as murders.

Racial profiling

They too smuggle illegal drugs in America but in most of cases of racial profiling white people are often overlooked. They are not questioned or scrutinized because they are whites and whites are considered as superior.In one incident related to racial profiling, a young black man was driving his Ford Explorer. He was in a hurry because he had to reach for an important job interview.

On his way, he was pulled over by a police car. His SUV was thoroughly searched on suspicion of carrying illegal drugs. Police officers failed to find anything that could have indicated that the man was involved in smuggling or theft.

During a search, the police ruined the interior of his SUV and asked him from time to time where did he get the money to buy such an expensive car. Later the police drove away leaving the young black man weeping because his SUV had been badly damaged.This was just one incident and many such incidents take place without being reported. People belonging to different ethnicity are often targeted on fake suspicion.

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