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“Economic success comes not from doing what others do well, but from doing what others cannot do, or cannot do as well.” This is the exact strategy that Daimler Chrysler follows. They innovate.

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To be successful in today’s market you must innovate continuously. The DISTRONIC Cruise Control is an example of this innovation. It has exploited the existing technology of normal cruise control in luxury cars. It has not penetrated the market yet because innovations related to cars are usually launched in luxury vehicles. DISTRONIC is an improvement in existing cars and has improved competitiveness in the luxury car business. All these reasons combined tell us that this is an Incremental Innovation and that eventually it will transform the existing market.

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The main function of the DISTRONIC cruise control is to assist drivers by monitoring the distance to the vehicle in front. Utilizing a radar sensor mounted in the radiator grille plus a high performance micro-computer, this system can constantly maintain a safe distance to the vehicle in front. If the distance to the vehicle ahead drops to a critical level, brakes are automatically applied. Once traffic conditions are mellow again, the car automatically accelerated to the pre-selected speed. Tests have shown that DISTRONIC provides a considerable gain in comfort and noticeably reduces the stress of diving in dense traffic.

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In simple terms, the system detects the speed of the car ahead and how far away it is. For Example, if you set the Cruise at 90km/h, and a car cuts you off at 70km/h, the distronic senses the obstacle in front of you and adjusts the speed accordingly, it even brakes the speed down if necessary. Although the Distronic has access to 20% of the brakes potential, it is not idiot proof.

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This is what the world looks like to the DISTRONIC eye. It See’s the road ahead. The image of the car on left shows different degree angles protruding out of the car. The device measures all the cars that come with in the triangular area that is formed by the rays.

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