I believe if one would value smaller things in life then the bigger obstacles will not become barriers between one’s success and excellence. Valuing smaller things in life eventually became the reason behind my decision of selecting dentistry as a career. Most of us do not take care of the blessing – teeth because we are not aware of the importance of taking care of our teeth. My initial exposure to select dentistry as my career was not an accidental decision but it was my experience that led me to apply for a dental college. People who are deprived of the blessing of healthy teeth are because they do not take care of their oral health. The treatment for oral health is very expensive and thus not everyone can afford to get treatment for oral problems.

I had the opportunity of gaining laboratory experience of one year in a dental lab as a volunteer where I learnt that awareness could help people to stay away from oral problems. There are a number of diseases which could become alarming for the people who do not take care of their teeth. Through my experience of working with eminent dentists in the dental lab, I got to know that the diseases which are caused due to the poor oral health could even become severe to an extent of death.

I consider my decision of entering in the field of dentistry as correct because my academic background could help me more in understanding dentistry. I am graduating in microbiology with chemistry as my minor subject from San Jose University. I have also gain practical experience along studying microbiology that is considered as a complicated task by most of the students. I have managed to gain 2.9 GPA and substantial work experience that make my interest in the field of medical and interest in studying ahead in the medical field evident.

The source behind my gained knowledge of dentistry is my active participation in the pre-dental club which was a valuable experience for me that also helped me in gaining a lot of knowledge regarding the basic concepts of dentistry. If I get in the dental college then I will not be a new comer in the field of dentistry because I have enough knowledge about dental practice that could help me in getting a better understanding at the beginner stage of the field.

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