Opinion essays are essays in which a writer expresses his own views and thoughts regarding a particular topic. Even though facts and figures from different sources can be included, the primary focus of an opinion essay is to voice the personal point of view of the writer. These kinds of essays are usually written on topics that the writer is familiar with and wants to write about for example; sports, music or movies.

Here is the opening paragraph of an opinion essay written by one of our writers regarding rock music.
The opening paragraph of the essay introduces the topic and conveys the writer’s stance on the topic. In the next few paragraphs the writer tries to reason his or her point of view and backs it up with some facts and figures. In the conclusion the writer sums up the entire essay in a diplomatic way – not offending anybody who might have a different opinion about the topic.Music has always been an essential part of a person’s life regardless of the era or area he or she was born in. But when it comes to music different people have different tastes. Some like hip hop while the others like classical. I, however, think that the only genre of music that is actually “music,” is rock. No other genre can reach the benchmark set by rock. The music made by Bon Jovi and Guns ‘n’ Roses can not be beaten by the singers of today like Miley Cirus and Justin Bieber.

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