From inside the school gate , a small figure came hurtling towards the speeding yellow bus on the road and was hit with such that the tiny fingers were thrown into the air and then landed on the road and lay there, still and motionless. A crowd of ten year old children came swarming out from the school and on the road and stood surrounding the body of the little girl.

You have changed. You don’t love Papa anymore and you fight with him all the time. You fight so much that he has not come back for home for three days. You came home the other day with the new man with the small beard on his chin and you called him……There were signs of deep remorse; shock and desperation on the faces of all the children and some started crying when they realized their friend was now dead. A man, attired in a crisp business suit, ran out and pushed him way into the crowd and stood transfixed at the sight of his dead daughter.
A letter was found at the back of Sara’s science notebook after a few days, which was addressed to her mother.
”Dear Mama,

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