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This is a movie review on Best years of Our Lives.


Marxism can be safely deemed as one of the most profound examples of philosophical thinking that has been put into practical use; think USSR, think the People’s Republic of China. It is derived from the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels from the 19th century who perfected the way the society deals with itself in terms of classes and revolutions. The theory suggests that the society revolves around social classes of people, and it is the way the classes interact with each other that governs its production process.

According to Marxism, people collectively living in societies follow a pattern of development until they reach a peak of their productive capacity by which time the ownership of these productive capacities must be placed under collective ownership before the society can move forward. This collective ownership would first involve overthrowing the economic minority bourgeoisie currently in power by the minority proletariat through a revolution, thereby securing political authority that would enable the proletariat to vest ownership into the hands of the community as a whole. This distinction in the classes of people is what Marx was most famous for, particularly expressing the differences and labeling each class in his Communist Manifesto, where apart from bourgeoisie and proletariat, Karl Marx defined the social progress of societies as part of a constant struggle between classes, ending in feuds and repercussions that either reconstituted society or brought about ruin for the masses in general (1848). Whichever stage of development the society experiences, primitive communism, slavery, feudalism or capitalism, the class difference remains amongst the oppressor and the oppressed, and only grows bigger and more hostile with time, giving way to a direct conflict between the two and a reconstitution of society in general. It is the way the different classes deal with each other that sprouts such hostility, and can be viewed by example in this movie as the veterans returning from World War 2 experience.

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