To:                   Executive Management

From:               Consultant

Subject:           Avoiding Cross-Cultural Miscommunication

Date:               18.May.2009

A number of International companies are behind the average rate of the success in the business branched in the global society. The impact of this static flow disturbs the growth and reduces the success rate of the business. Code and conducts which are typical in USA will not be acceptable in Japan. Therefore it is important for the business representatives to be aware of different behaviors of the cultures. Here the purpose of writing this memo is to help understanding the significance of the understanding and relating to the cultural norms.

The key elements which visibly define the culture in an organization are the language, values, Norms, Folkways, laws, taboos, technology and artifacts (Macionis). The ethnocentricity is the barrier to the intercultural communication of professional groups. It is most important to overcome ethnocentrism by fruitful methods of conducting the cultural similarities based seminars. This will help the diverse biased and mythical perspectives to come to an end (Dong, 2008). By giving rise to the intercultural awareness could help the growth and success rate of any company. A company must adapt the culturally basics of the particular global society they are branched. There are number of strategies which can be adopted by the organization to adapt and develop understanding about the different cultures. The organization must believe the traditional values and celebrate their cultural events. Equality is highly compulsory in this process. Companies can form team/customer relationship guidelines (Trompenaars, 1998). This will help in successful interpersonal skills of the team, making the business practices smooth. Understanding of the norms is essential that can be done by collecting knowledge of their behaviors (Poortinga, Segall, & Dasen, 2002). Make sure the position and need of your product in the culture. Every culture has differences in style of greeting, style of communication, concept of time, the use of physical space, and values.

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