Market Analysis of BMW – Those who hold corporate positions in the professions. However, due to the expansion of the target market in 2012, there has been a decrease in the new car registration to 10.8 %. Thus, the German automobile maker has now a broader potential market segment to serve if the new opportunities are grabbed. This is the reason that BMW is focused to produce models with entry-level prices such as 1 Series, X1, and 320i so that it can enter new markets.

The strategy can be highly effective given the increasing customer base in emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil, and Russia. These emerging economies still have lower car densities but offer new urbanization and rising salaries; the factors that affect the sales of the automotive sector.

In order to serve the broader customer base, BMW has established a number of joint ventures so that production capacity can be increased. Thus, it is clear that the group needs to focus on the new emerging markets and it needs to concentrate on production and marketing.

Market Analysis of BMW

Marketing Mix for BMW


Products offered by BMW are characterized by high technology which also emerges as the main strength of the company.  However, it is important to expand the product range by attracting the entry-level segment. Also, more eco-friendly products such as compact city cars and hybrid luxury cars must be designed and manufactured for the middle market.


The price set by BMW is aligned with the strategy of differentiation, design, innovation, and quality. Despite the crises in some of the markets, BMW needs to continue to maintain its prices in order to communicate the product’s image as high-ended and premium. However, the mid-market must be offered special prices for entry-level products.


BMW leverages the store exclusivity principle. It needs to continue investing in the establishment of flagship stores so that maximum customer experience can be generated.  Also, the authorized dealers must be expanded beside 4,400 stores in 100 countries.


BMW is already investing significant amounts in the promotion of its products. The brand is also using new techniques of advertising to communicate the quality and design of its products to the customers.

However, BMW needs to increase its focus on the marketing of future products related to environmental sustainability. Principles of global marketing and particularly advertisement must be developed according to the culture of the country.

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