Efficacy is affected by some elements that were observed in Bandura social-cognitive learning theory. Self-concept and self-efficacy are two different things. The awareness about own self is known as self-concept. Whereas, the ability of any person to do his duty according to his skills is known as self-efficacy. The attitude towards the accomplishment of academics is determined by the help of self-efficacy. So, basically, it is important to teachers as well as students. Teachers can educate their students equal to master level if their self-efficacy will be greater. They believe that it is their duty to educate students of their class and not make justifications on the bad performance of student about their background. When a student possesses high self-efficacy it encourages them to be confident and they believe that it is their duty to learn more and more in their class. It also boosts students to increase their performance in the learning process that is tough. The first factor comprises of completion of master or behavior skills. It is believed that when an individual accomplishes his duty, he becomes more confident towards the duty. The second factor comprises of vicarious experience. It is the determination of others signifying the task.

The most common example of vicarious experience is peer coaching. In peer coaching, the teachers note the effective plans of their colleagues in the classroom which encourages their level of confidence. The most little effective factor that is the third factor is a social or verbal influence to begin or complete any task like motivation from colleagues. The efficacy is affected negatively by the last factor. Physiological, emotional states and arousal are included in the last factor. The level of performance is decreased by very strong emotions.

Self-efficacy was described as the controlling mechanism that affects the behavior of four types of procedures that are effective, cognitive, selection and motivation. An effective procedure is one in which the individuals with an increased level of efficacy handle thoughts that can decrease the performance. By cognitive procedure, one can achieve many goals, can be assured of a goal and believes that they can attain the goal. The procedure that affects the selection of environment or acts of an individual that helps to outline the life of the individual is known as election process. The one with an increased level of efficacy takes charge of the result of their efforts which is known as motivation.

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