It has been described that the specific methodology or the process that has been developed in reducing the waste which is linked to the flow of information or the materials in a precise process of work. This methodology is defined as the lean six sigma of the production proposed by Michael George and Robert Lawrence Junior in 2002. The target of using Lean Six Sigma is to get the right identification of the non – mandatory and non-value added steps in the business so that the quality of the work is maintained and the loyalty of the customers is being increased.

The Lean Six Sigma has been objected in making the reduction of unnecessary services in the business and improving them accordingly. The working of Lean Six Sigma is same as Six Sigma rather than some of the advancements of the tools and principles. This system of work is not handled by all the individuals but it requires a training which based on the belt based criteria. Lean Six Sigma training has different colors belts that depict the level of the expertise in order to get involved in the business. Each level has the changed set of skill and talent that are to be leaned to be a part of this particular methodology. This has also eliminated the unnecessary time added, physical resources, talent, and effort in this scenario of production.

The Lean Six Sigma tends to manage the 3.4 defects per million that assess the businessmen to eradicate most of the wasted material within the businesses. Most of the associates have found it easy to work with the system of Lean Six Sigma in order to be more proficient and successful in the industry. The model of Lean Six Sigma is a source of benefits financially and non-financially with respect to the business and the production processes there. Projects of Lean Six Sigma as based on the elimination of the lean’s waste and the principles of Six Sigma that contemplates of effectiveness and efficiency of the service that has to be provided. The expertizes are required to pass all the belts that are referred to the stages of Lean Six Sigma that is a description of the qualification in this regard. The learning shows the factors of Lean, Six Sigma and other elements that are involved in this theory.

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