Leadership in Adnoc

For ADNOC, the mixture of democratic and Transformational leadership styles is essential. Autocratic leadership will apply in a situation where decisions are taken by top executives only. Democratic leadership style will benefit employees to share their thoughts and ideas which will make them more self-reliant, their morale, loyalty, and self-esteem will increase, which as a result will decrease the turnover level of the organization. When their ideas will be encouraged in the organization they will become more committed to it and will become more satisfied which will increase their productivity.

Transformational leadership style

The transformational leadership style is charismatic leadership, in which the leader uses his personal charisma to influence his employees to accomplish organizational goals. He psychologically links organizational strategies and employee’s personal benefit which leads to the achievement of organizational goals.

By applying a transformational leadership style, organizational strategies can be impacted. If the organization is following a cost-leadership or a differentiation strategy, then it cannot afford a high turnover ratio because it incurs a cost to giving training to the employees, likewise with the differentiation strategy; the human resource is a strength for the organization, the company cannot afford to lose its asset. Therefore, a leader inspires employees to perform well which will help him in becoming an inspiring driver for the employees.

If organizations want to advance in the future and lead the business, they should have to experience the market situation and transformation continuously. The techniques that are being used in ADNOC to develop management, and turn their employees into leaders are as follows:

  • Coaching
  • Learning
  • Communication
  • Engaging
  • Attitude skill

Leadership style

The best way to improve my leadership style and skills is to develop myself in the above-mentioned leadership theories. As a leader, I believe that my wisdom has advanced adequately which can help me in encouraging and influencing my people.

Through my experience, I am capable enough to overcome any barriers which can come as an obstacle for me in my leadership practice. Being the leader at ADNOC, gives me an edge to understand what a group wants from their leaders. They foresee them as their mentors.

Even though I sometimes use a democratic leadership style to help my team in making some important judgments, so they feel free in participating as a part of the team and give their ideas.

Listening to ideas of the team can help the leaders in building a strong relationship with them, which also helps them to be more creative in their own thinking.

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