Law, while on one hand is a very interesting subject; on the other hand it is very verbose and detailed. To memorize all the laws and then write about them in your assignments is no joke. But to read through the famous trials and cases is an amazing experience. However, during the term when students are asked to do law coursework assignments, they do not have a lot of time at their hands to do the reading. And as far as law coursework assignments are concerned, reading is vital.

Following is an excerpt from one of our writer’s law coursework essay on the famous trial of Al Capone in 1931.
Al Capone was the head of the most profitable crime syndicate of the Prohibition Era and also was the brains behind the notorious 1929”Valentine’s Day Massacre.” In all ways, he seemed to be above the law. However, in 1931 he was tried and sent to prison, not for murder or bootlegging but for not paying his income tax. This case is also sometimes referred to as “The people vs. Al Capone” and the lesson derived from this famous trial was that no matter how a profitable businessman earns his green, in the end, has to pay the taxes.

The people behind this conviction were Frank Wilson, a Bureau of Revenue investigator and James Wilkerson, the federal judge. The conviction, however, would not have been possible without the witty surprise that James Wilkerson had in store for Al Capone.

Just like Al Capone’s case, history is filled with intriguing trials and convictions. However, when handed over the job of writing a law coursework essay on such cases, it becomes a dull and tiring task. Students usually enjoy reading about these cases but avoid writing essays. And that’s where we come in. You give us the topic and we do your assignments for you, saving your time which you can use for other productive stuff. We have writer’s who specialize in the field of Law and know all the details that exist regarding every law and every trial that has conducted. So if you have some deadlines to meet but do not have the time to sit down and write your law coursework essays, call us and we will make sure you meet your deadlines and also submit the best assignment from your class.

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