The communication level that both employee and employer have with one another determining their social support for one another is explained by the last category of justice known as interactional justice. This highlights the value, respect, and dignity that both the employer and employee have for one another. The help and assistance that the employer offers their employees are some of the major characteristics of this type of justice. The internal backing that motivates the employees along with the emotional stability, acknowledgment, and appreciation are all part of interactional justice. When an employer provides his employee with this kind of support then the association between them is considered to be strong and the employer is called as a fair and unbiased supervisor.

In the present era, the need of maintaining justice in an organization is essential as it retains the employees and facilitates a healthy environment in the organization. Moreover, when employees remain satisfied it also means that the legal issues concerning the organization also decrease.

Moreover, this is also necessary to enhance the motivation level of employees. Fair and unbiased treatment of the employees improvises the satisfaction level eventually helping the organization and management in achieving their goals. Furthermore, in order to develop team spirit among employees, it is necessary for this justice system to prevail.

This system develops organizational citizenship behavior among the employees and they are there to help another fellow colleague of them irrespective of any rewards or benefits in return.

Justice in Organization

In any organization, there are hundreds and thousands of employees working for it. Today it has become significant to keep in mind that each work or the work by each employee has some direct or indirect effect on the work of another employee. It could be stated in such a way that all the activities performed in an organization are linked with one another hence, one must consider this as a need of working for one another and being there with complete support.

In this regard, one industry that has been suffering immensely and is way behind other industries is the healthcare industry of the country. The procedures and work standards of the healthcare industry are completely unsatisfactory and not up to the required criteria and needs of the present situation.

The healthcare industry, in particular, is following the same operating criteria and procedures that were operational years back. Each organization must have a proper leave policy that must be known to both the employer and employees. The healthcare industry due to extreme demand often does not provide enough leaves to its employees.

Sick leave and annual leave and the conditions pertaining to these leaves must be clearly known and put forward. Each and every employee tries to be involved with such an organization that provides them with fair and unbiased treatment.

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