According to the author Amy Harmon of “Facing Life with a Lethal Gene,” the test to find out the gene for ancestral diseases that can be transformed genetically from generations to generations can change your entire life. This change has both the positive and negative sides of the picture, as it can turn you into a most psychological unhealthy being or tentative about your diet and lifestyle (Harmon).

The author supports his viewpoints in the article by demonstrating the experiences of Ms. Katherine Moser, who at the young age of 23 taken the DNA test to find out whether she has the gene of Huntington as his grandfather or not. The test was positive and she was appeared to have the Huntington genes with C-A-G number 45. In DNA tests, C-A-G number denotes the gene which sits on the short arm of a person’s fourth chromosome. Huntington is an incurable disease in which the brain cells are stopped from developing.

The author concludes that Ms. Katherine Moser tried to forget about the genes and the result of the test that concluded, she has the disease of Huntington and instead of cursing the fact that she will soon within 12 years will experience the symptoms of the disease, she in her life, found reasons to make life better and productive. At the first place she was restricted by her mother for the DNA test because she was fearful that in this way Ms. Moser mother will also have the risk of the same genes of Huntington.

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