Expectations are dependent on groupings, ethnicity, assignments, speech, gender, physical appearance, economic status, race, and particular educational labels. The expectations are high for some students whereas low for others. The low expectation is due to less experience of a teacher as he cannot respond to students that find difficulty in learning. More appropriate expectations of known students were developed by teachers. A model was presented that signified the basis of expectation.

According to the model, the expectation is developed by a teacher at the beginning of the year on the basis of student achievement and behavior that varies from one student to another due to which attitude of a teacher is different for every student. This attitude of the teacher indicates to the student what expectation the teacher possesses for him and it is the duty of the student to fulfill that expectation.

When teacher communicates with their students, influence is caused by the level of aspiration, achievement, conduct, and motivation. This will influence the result of students.

Influence of Expectations on Teacher Behavior

Low earners will not fulfill as compared to quick learners. The self-fulfilling components are present in the model. The model comprises three parts: the behavior of teachers according to expectations, appropriate teacher expectations, and interpretation method of teachers’ expectations.

Some teachers, even before communicating with the students, develop expectations. They re-check the evaluation of the student of the year which indicates the appropriate student. After the communication and interaction, after their meeting, mostly the expectations of the teacher are changed according to the behavior of the student.

It is believed by teachers that potential is present in every student to learn. Nothing comes between their belief in race, wealth, or life. They never give explanations on the bad performance of students about their family or background. In such types of classes, learning is achieved by every student.

Expectations from students bring up the teacher’s behavior. It’s highly likely to connect the expectation to the communication and how it is conveyed. Treating the students differently according to their ranking like good achievers or low achievers, both are presented.

Many of the characteristics are found in the expectations which are three major case studies. Teachers do not interact with the low achievers publicly as that’s not the expectation a teacher wants, so the teachers mostly communicate with their students privately or more on a side level and they structure monitor them more closely but not publicly.

While marking the student’s exams, the teacher can be seen grading the test or the assignment in a different manner where the high achiever gets a chance to get away with the pity things that can be ignored while the low achievers are restricted to be given the marks accordingly.

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