There are several definitions of happiness, but it is an established fact that when a person is in a state of positive and pleasant feelings which might include feelings of satisfaction, happiness or extreme delight he/she is deemed to be happy.  People have different concepts of happiness, and it is not necessary that the same thing makes everyone happy. Studies have proved that there are many different views on what makes a person happy, and the factors that make the person happy. However, no one has yet discovered one single factor to make a person happy or which can contribute to improving happiness whether in the long term of short term.

Being happy is of paramount importance to a person’s condition and well-being, which is one reason that people spend a lot of time and effort in search of happiness. Doing things that give me pleasure brings about unexpected moments of happiness. Pleasure and happiness are two similar emotions and one invariably leads to the other.

There is no formula for happiness; It is not like a switch that you can turn on to be happy.  Some things make you happy such as an unexpected meeting with an old friend that you have not seen for some time, obtaining good grades in your exams, getting a promotion or raise, and being happy over the success of someone near and dear to you.


Happiness can occasionally be planned like a person knowing that her wedding day will be the happiest day of her life or the birth of a child where you are overwhelmed with happiness. The thing is that most people are mildly happy most of the time. This is equated with a sense of satisfaction or contentment with one’s lot in life.

When a person has achieved most of his/her own ambitions, which can be tangible or intangible, the feeling of satisfaction that accompanies these achievements, be they big or small is about.

 People say that when doing what you love, it is not work in the real sense because you are happy doing it. I like writing and it gives me a feeling of mild happiness whenever I am writing. The satisfaction of finding the appropriate material and writing something good makes me quite happy.

Not wild ecstatic happiness, just a feeling of satisfaction of doing something that I really love. This clearly means that a happy activity does not have to be recreational or even some occasion to celebrate. Happiness is just something that happens when you are doing something that you like to do, anything that makes you comfortable.

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