Improving the Organisation’s Processes and Products

Companies that would like to improve their products have the option of adopting either the “Traditional Approach” or the “Conventional Approach”. The two approaches are compared by stressing the importance, similarities, and difference and how they actually affect the performance and progress of the company.  The Traditional Approach envisages advancing by using a ‘top down’ attitude which emphasizes improvement strategies being discussed and improved. Operational personnel is given precise instructions on what to do for the improvement of operational processes. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis, and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

This approach is mostly used for preventing pollution and creating a better and environment-friendly product.  Although the approach is used in a different manner from organization to organization depending upon the type of business that the company and its desired aims and objective. This approach makes use of several different steps in their efforts for successful implementation.  Unfortunately, the traditional approach makes it quite difficult to meet company health and safety standards.

Traditional Approaches

Traditional approaches usually are implemented in the early stages of a process improvement program because they Get senior management to commit to the process, Prepare policies for improving processes. Appoint a senior manager specifically for the project who is accountable to the company.

Allocate sufficient funds to complete the process and Train the process improvement team in various improvement procedures. The improvement processes also implement the required ISO standards for the top-down improvement programs.

In this program, there is no involvement of any other person besides the senior management and the program is implemented without any references to any other programs that could be currently underway in the company.

When companies use the systems approach, the team consists of personnel taken from different levels of the company and make accounting sheets for the process that is either being considered or is currently working within the company.

The other approach used by organizations like Samsonite is the “Systems Approach” which improves processes from the bottom up. This allows personnel at all levels to identify and solve problems on their own. Large and international businesses like Samsonite use tried and tested management tools which include ‘lean production methods’ to maintain excellence throughout the organization.

Since the approach uses methods that are already used in the organization they find it easier to integrate safety production methods for quality improvement initiatives. This process allows the company to support its mutual process improvements with the complete operation of the company in accordance with its vision, mission, principles, and values.

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