Manchester United is one of the largest football clubs in England with global affiliations. It was set up in 1878 and was called the Newton Health LYR Football Club by workers at the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Depot. This was the first British team that played in the European and the first team to win the cup. A great tragedy for the team was the Munich Air Disaster in 1958 which brought permanent changes to the club. Manchester United was the first English club to win European Cup. Under the present management led by Sir Alex Ferguson, the club has won 24 major honors since 1986.

Manchester United is also one of the richest clubs in the world because of the tremendous amount of support from various sources. The club is currently valued at $ 3 billion. The club knows that its fame as a globally renowned institution is not only assessed by its success on the field or its profitability but also by the club fulfilling its responsibility to the community at large by caring for the environment.

Manchester United

The club concentrates on helping the community in sports, health, and education, with special emphasis on supporting children and young people. This has resulted in Manchester United being the only club incorporated in the FTSE4 Good Index.

This is because the club displays effective policies, administration, and accomplishment by building constructive interaction with stakeholders through the Club Charter and Fans Forum, contributing to and working towards environmental sustainability as part of its Environmental Policy, and maintaining and demonstrating concern for human rights through association with a variety of communities on both a social and business levels in different parts of the world.

Manchester United is one of the 122 companies to become part of the Corporate Responsibility Index which is compiled by Business in the Community at an International level.

The Club has partnered with UNICEF to improve the lives of underprivileged children in some of the poorest countries in the world by demonstrating how the influence of football can be used to change lives. The club has already given 1 million pounds to provide these deprived children with an education so that they can find means to lift themselves out of poverty.

In India, more than 350,000 children have directly received assistance for improving their education during the last four years. Besides raising money for underprivileged children, the partnership also strives to increase consciousness about charity and the problems that children and their families face in most underdeveloped countries. The name of the club has helped UNICEF’s UK End Child Exploitation campaign which forms a major part of the partnership.

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