For any organization, its employees are their valuable possession.  They are nothing less than an asset to their employers and are the reason behind every successful achievement accomplished by them. The success of every organization varies from one another due to the efforts that these employees put in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. The amount of motivation and dedication that these employees have towards the organization determines their efforts and hard work. For facilitating better profit it is important that the human resource of an organization remains extremely involved with all the operations of their firm as it has been observed that high profits are influenced by the motivational level of employees. Among the other factors, one factor that influences the employees and their performance is sustaining justice among every employee of their organization.

Importance of Employees

Each employee at his designation must be provided with complete justice and fairness in their job.  This eventually led to employees achieving their personal goals as well as the organizational goals of their employers.

In this regard, numerous surveys have been conducted to analyze the factors that motivate and increase the satisfaction level of employees and as per the responses, it is evaluated that the way management deals with the employees determines the satisfaction level of employees. This means the fairness that is maintained by all the employees avoiding all possible biases and injustice towards them.

When the employer is fair to his employee it is assumed that the justice is being maintained in that organization. When an employee becomes a part of an organization he has certain expectations that he assumed would be fulfilled unconditionally.

Getting fair treatment and justice is the foremost expectation of every employee and when this basic and fundamental expectation is not satisfied it affects the performance and motivational level of employees immensely.

It has been observed that other issues concerning the working environment also impact the performance of the employees but its comparatively lesser than the impact that biased and unfair treatment has on the performance level of employees.

This kind of treatment from the employer determines the working environment and culture of the organization. This culture of the organization proves to be beneficial in the future if maintained by the human resource department of the organization.

Earlier employers were free of their will and the concept of fair treatment and justice was not considered as any serious matter or area of concern but today things have changed. Due to increasing competition and employee retention, determining fairness among employees has become mandatory conduct in an organization in the current era.

Distributive, procedural, and interpersonal justice are the three different ways of providing justice to the employees in an organization.

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