Child abuse is very common and there is no specific reason or description as to why parents and caregivers mistreat their children because this maltreatment occurs across among all socio-economic, religious, cultural, racial and ethnic groups and the risk factor to children is the same no matter who abuses the child Children whose parents have been the subject of mistreatment have a higher probability of suffering abuse from their parents, and the cause in each family can be quite different from other families. Many researchers have attempted to link child abuse with the financial well being of the family indicating that child abuse is more frequent in poor families. However,  it has been noticed that many poor people do not harm or abuse their children and give them the same loving care as affluent people. Every child merits the chance for achieving their full potential This means that every child should receive the love and care that he/she deserves so that they remain in good health, be safe from harm, enjoy life and be given the chance to achieve their maximum potential so that they become responsible citizen and make their contributions to society and eventually grow up achieve financial security While estimates vary as to the percentage of children that are abused by their parents, but it is a proven fact that one-third of all parents who themselves were abused as children.

Children who were subject to violence or witnessed violence usually subjected their own children to the same violence treatment that they witnessed or received. However, it would not be correct to assume that a maltreated child will always grow up to be a violent parent because there are individuals who despite being mistreated do not treat the children in the same manner. Research proved that around two-thirds of individuals who were mistreated during their childhood did not subject their children to the same manner of treatment. To face the challenge of parenting, parent themselves require many forms of support.

When parents need help, it should be viewed as an indication of responsibility and not as the failure on the part of the parents. Parenting can be challenging. Parents themselves require and deserve support. Asking for help should be seen as a sign of responsibility rather than as a parenting failure. Patterns of family life vary and there is no single, perfect way to bring up children. Good parenting involves caring for children’s basic needs, keeping them safe and protected, being attentive and showing them warmth and love, encouraging them to express their views and consistently taking these views into account.

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